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Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

TangoRe provides coverage specifically for Federal Express TSP Contractors, ensuring you meet all necessary requirements while protecting your assets and operations.

Coverage Options that TangoRe Provides

Workers Compensation

Ensure your employees are covered in case of work-related injuries. Our Workers Compensation insurance provides medical benefits and wage replacement to injured workers, helping you comply with legal requirements.

Non-Trucking Liability

Cover your liability when your trucks are not under dispatch. This insurance provides peace of mind when your vehicles are used for personal or non-business purposes.

Physical Damage

Protect your vehicles against physical damage from accidents, theft, and other unforeseen incidents. Our coverage ensures that your fleet remains in optimal condition and minimizes downtime.

General Liability

Protect your business with comprehensive General Liability Coverage, including bodily injury and property damage, premises and operations.

Minimum underwriting criteria
Fleets of 20+ Units

Become a member and owner of the TangoRe Captive Insurance program. Enjoy the benefits of ownership, including potential returns on premiums and greater control over your insurance program.

Earn back a portion of your premiums based on your performance. Our program rewards members who maintain a good loss history and implement effective risk management practices.

Benefit from advanced safety programs that include risk control workshops, claim trend analysis, and personalized support to help you reduce and eliminate hazards.


Service Providers

At TangoRe, our members have the unique opportunity to select the service providers that best meet their needs. This ensures that the services we offer are tailored, efficient, and highly effective.

Our program manager oversees the administration and management of the
Captive Insurance program, ensuring its stability and effectiveness

Program Manager

Our broker provides expert captive advice and access to top insurance
markets, ensuring you get the best coverage at competitive rates


Our independent loss control firm provides comprehensive safety training and risk assessments, helping you reduce claims and enhance safety

Loss Control

Our nurse triage service offers immediate medical advice for non-life-
threatening injuries, reducing Workers' Compensation claims and promoting
quick recovery

Nurse Triage

Our investment fund manager handles the investments of the Captive, ensuring that funds are managed responsibly and generate returns for the members

Brief on Loss Control & Nurse Triage
Insurance Agent
Loss Control

Effective loss control is essential for minimizing risks and reducing insurance costs. At TangoRe, we provide our members with comprehensive loss control services to enhance safety and prevent claims.

  • Risk Control Assessment:
    Our specialists conduct thorough risk control assessments to identify potential hazards and recommend solutions.

  • Claim Trend Analysis:
    We analyze claim trends to identify common issues and develop targeted strategies to address them.

  • Training and Workshops:
    We offer training sessions and workshops to educate your staff on best practices and safety protocols.

  • Ongoing Support:
    Our team provides continuous support and guidance to help you maintain a safe working environment and reduce risks.

Nurse Triage

Quick and effective response to workplace injuries is crucial for minimizing the impact on your operations. Our nurse triage service provides immediate medical advice for non-life-threatening injuries, reducing the need for costly Workers' Compensation claims.

  • Dedicated Phone Number:
    Your employees will have access to a dedicated phone number to call anytime they are injured on the job.

  • Reduced Claims:
    Our nurse triage service has been proven to reduce reportable Workers' Compensation claims over 40%, helping you save on insurance costs and keep your workforce healthy.

  • Expert Medical Advice:
    Employees receive expert medical advice from trained nurses, ensuring they get the appropriate care and return to work quickly.

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