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Insurance and Risk Management Exclusively
Fedaral Express TSP Ground Contractors

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions about TangoRe and how our Captive Insurance program works. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive from prospective members. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us

  • Fleets 1-25 units
    Access to PEO: Gain access to Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services that provide HR, payroll, and benefits administration, helping you streamline your operations. Insurance Carrier Options: Choose from a range of top insurance carriers that offer competitive rates and customized coverage options tailored to your specific needs. Safety Program: Implement safety programs designed to reduce risks and enhance the safety of your operations. Our programs include training, risk assessments, and ongoing support.
  • Fleets 25+ units
    Captive Membership/Ownership: Become a member and owner of the TangoRe Captive Insurance program. Enjoy the benefits of ownership, including potential returns on premiums and greater control over your insurance program. Return of Premium for Performance: Earn back a portion of your premiums based on your performance. Our program rewards members who maintain a good loss history and implement effective risk management practices. Safety Program: Benefit from advanced safety programs that include risk control workshops, claim trend analysis, and personalized support to help you reduce and eliminate hazards.

Still Have Questions?

If your question wasn’t answered here, feel free to reach out to us directly. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of TangoRe and guide you through the process of becoming a member

+1 (858) 922-2105

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