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Exclusive Member Benefits

Exclusive Member Benefits

Becoming a member of TangoRe means joining a community dedicated to excellence in insurance and risk management for Federal Express TSP Contractors. Our members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits designed to enhance their operations, reduce costs, promote safety, and increase profitability.

Recoup Unused Underwriting Profit

One of the standout benefits of being a TangoRe member is the ability to recoup unused underwriting premium dollars. When members perform well and maintain a low claims history, they are eligible to receive a portion of their premiums back

Premiums are calculated based on each member’s individual loss experience rather than the industry average or state rates, making the system fair and tailored to your performance. The better your loss experience, the more you can reduce your insurance costs

Customized Premiums

Unlike traditional insurance markets, where pricing can fluctuate dramatically, TangoRe offers stable and predictable premiums based on your specific loss experience. This customized approach ensures you pay a fair price for your coverage

Members benefit from a pricing structure that reflects their individual performance, encouraging safer practices and providing financial rewards for maintaining a low number of claims.


Loss Control Services

Effective loss control is crucial for minimizing risks and reducing insurance costs. TangoRe provides members with access to comprehensive loss control services to enhance safety and prevent claims

Our services include risk control assessments, claim trend analysis, safety training, and workshops. Our independent loss control specialists work directly with your team to identify hazards and implement effective risk management strategies




Nurse Triage Services

Quick and effective response to workplace injuries is essential for minimizing their impact. TangoRe's nurse triage service provides immediate medical advice for non-life-threatening injuries, significantly reducing the need for costly Workers' Compensation claims

Members have access to a dedicated phone line for injured employees to call and receive expert medical advice. This service has been proven to reduce reportable Workers' Compensation claims by 40%, promoting faster recovery and reducing costs

Service Provider Selection

As a member of TangoRe, you have a say in selecting the service providers that best meet your needs. This includes brokers, captive managers, loss control specialists, and more, ensuring that the services you receive are tailored, efficient, and effective

Members collectively decide on the service providers, ensuring that each one is vetted and chosen based on their ability to deliver exceptional service and value. This collaborative approach ensures that your needs are always prioritized.

Financial Stability and Growth

TangoRe is dedicated to providing financial stability and opportunities for growth to its members. Our structured approach to risk management and insurance ensures that your premiums are used efficiently, and your financial obligations are met.

Members benefit from the potential returns on their premiums and investment income, contributing to the overall financial health and growth of their businesses. This stability allows for better planning and investment in other areas of your operations.




Ready to Join TangoRe?

Take the first step towards gaining control over your insurance costs and enhancing your risk management. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a member of TangoRe

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