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''Best in Class''
TSPs must be
referred in by a member


An insurance company OWNED and CONTROLLED       exclusively by, and for Linehaul Contractors

comprehensive coverage tailored to meet all Federal Express TSP insurance requirements, including Auto Physical Damage, Non-Trucking Liability, Workers Compensation, and General Liability

Characteristics of an Ideal Member


Personally committed to Safety ALWAYS being the #1 priority

Strategic Leader

Strategic leader with well-developed interpersonal and communication skills who consistently acts with integrity and impeccable judgement


Accountable for taking control of insurance costs while being  dedicated to reduce insurance dependency


TangoRe is designed to help you take control of your insurance cost long term. TangoRe provides TSP owners the ability to recoup underwriting profit and investment income from their insurance program.

About TangoRe

What We Do for Our Members

TangoRe empowers Federal Express TSP to improve their risk management and stabilize their insurance premiums long term. By becoming a owner/member, you gain access to benefits designed to enhance your safety and risk management program and increase profibility.

Service Providers

Join a community where you have a say in selecting service providers like brokers, captive managers, and loss control specialists, ensuring services are tailored to your needs.

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Loss Control

Receive Loss Control and Safety Training from an independent firm, including risk control assessments and workshops to minimize hazards and claims.


Access our Nurse Triage for non-life threatening injuries, which has been proven to reduce reportable WORKERS COMPENSATION claims over 40%.

Nurse Triage

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Getting Started with TangoRe

Attend Our Captive 101

Learn the basics of captive insurance and how it can benefit your business in under an hour.

 Proposal Call

Receive a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommended captive insurance solution tailored to your organization.

One-on-One Call

After reviewing your data, we'll discuss your risk management goals, concerns, and objectives in detail.

What Our Members Are Saying

John D., TSP Owner

Joining TangoRe has transformed our approach to insurance. The cost savings and improved safety measures have made a significant impact on our bottom line.

Sarah K., Fleet Manager

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The support from the REL Solution Center and the dedicated Nurse Triage line have been invaluable in keeping our operations running smoothly

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